Students get smart on career options

Students get smart on career options

Deccan Herald - Prajavani career counselling event opens up myriad opportunities for youth

Students get smart on career options

The event organised by Deccan Herald and Prajavani in association with Sambhram Institutions was an overwhelming success as impressionable Class 10 and pre-college students went back home knowing that the possibilities were endless.

The day’s proceedings were kicked off by reknowned Career Counsellor Ali Khwaja.  The extensive session by Khwaja featured vital tips on choosing courses, preparation for careers and an exhaustive list of career options for the students of today.  But the big message for students taking their baby steps into the realm of higher education was to identify their strengths via self-evaluation.

“Identify what you are good at before choosing a career path. Do not choose courses in haste out of peer pressure or because Plan A does not work out,” he said.  In complete contrast to Khwaja’s clinical approach, the session from P V Indaresan, former Director of IIT, Chennai, was both practical and philosophical at the same time. He urged students to learn to enjoy whatever course they chose as career choices were not always controllable.

Giving his own example and the dissonance between his dreams and the eventual career path he took, Indaresan said “Absolutely enjoy whatever you choose to do. Have fun with whatever you do because you are at least a happy person.” In between extolling the virtues of research and giving a philosophical twist to careers, he urged students never to stop learning.

He was critical of software jobs and IT as they are more or less like techno-coolie jobs. He advised the students to measure their skills with the knowledge of what they do not know.

Prof Anil Rao, Dean of Welingkar Instutute of Management, gave an enlightning account of management studies in India and abroad and shared his experiences with the students.

Eager students and parents seeking guidance had the opportunity to interact with the experts. The interaction was particularly gratifying for those students who had their fears and anxieties dispelled. Questions such as ‘Am I eligible for a course in commerce or arts after science at the pre-university level?’ or ‘If not IIT then what else?’ were met with reassuring replies.

The second half of the event was an eye opener for those present as T R Subramanya, Dean, Faculty of Law, Bangalore University and career expert Ameen Mudassar opened up a world of possibilities. Subramanya’s talk was an inside out description and analysis of legal education, its importance and the endless avenues for lawyers in a globalised world.

The last presentation, simply titled ‘After SSLC what?’ by Ameen Mudassar was both entertaining and expansive. Mudassar immediately struck a chord with the youngsters as he took them through slide after slide of possibilities ranging from courses in tool and dye making to carpentry.

Suggestions have given us hope

“The counselling session was very educative and helpful. I want to be a Chartered Accountant but am doing a science course at the PU level, therefore it is big relief to be told that I can still pursue commerce at degree level.”

Keerthana, 1st PUC
Science student, Kumaran’s

“I am currently doing a Diploma in Electronics and intend to pursue an engineering degree. The details provided at the session was very helpful.”


“Things are a lot clearer now. I am science student and want to pursue architecture and was completely unaware about the diploma courses in architecture till today.”

Shruti, 1st PUC student

“I was very confused about what my son should pursue. He is expecting only average marks in his SSLC but now the innumerable options that were listed have given us hope.”

S Narasimhamurthy,
Parent of an SSLC student

“This session has been a process of discovery for me. The courses and the opportunities available after Class 10 have given me immense hope.”