Today's letters

Today's letters

No time to ponder


Recently in the Nuclear Security Summit, US President Barack Obama said, “The terror groups like Al-Qaeda and Taliban are trying hard to grab the nuclear weapons, which if fall in their hands, will be most fatal for the whole world. The issue of the nuclear terrorism may become grim and grave any time in future.” When he is well aware of this fact, he should ask his security forces to destroy all the terror hideouts and the training camps of Al-Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan, (now they are active also in the African countries) and anywhere and everywhere in the world at the earliest, without waiting even for a single moment.

Hansraj Bhat
Borivali (W), Mumbai

Judiciary: The vital pillar in democracy

The case of the Chief Justice of the Karnataka high Court Dinakaran is a blot on the judiciary as a whole as the CJI is unable or unwilling to take a firm stand over his (Dinakaran's) involvement in shady deals and this naturally gives a feeling that all is not well with the functioning of the judiciary even at its highest levels. If this trend continues, people would lose their faith in the judiciary and that would be a sad day for the proper functioning of democracy in the country as the judiciary is held in high esteem and considered as one of the vital pillars of a vibrant democracy such as ours.

V. Padmanabhan,
Rustam Bagh Main Road,

Conserve energy

A watt saved is a watt generated, and that too without any investment. We have to preach and practise the mantra of energy conservation. For this the government and the big industries will have to set examples so that even the common man is motivated to go in for energy saving. For example, consumers should switch off electrical equipments when not in use. They should switch over to energy efficient equipment like CFL lamps and modern technology based equipments.

D.B.N. Murthy

Coin shortage

It is really getting difficult for any cash transaction due to the dearth of small changes of coins and notes.One wonders whether it is man made for the benefit of some vested interests or real! Especially in a city like Bangalore, one has to be a beggar if he is not having enough small currencies and coins.Nobody including shop owners are merciful in this regard.It is high time RBI ensures the availability of small denominations currencies and coins and also be vigilant over elements which play spoil sport in this issue.

Reckless spending

The erstwhile rulers of the princely states in
India did not agree for a cut in their privy purses voluntarily, as proposed by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. But later, the late Indira Gandhi abolished the privy purses of the maharajas and the princes altogether.

Now we have the neo-maharajas and princes in the form of our ministers and legislators. The politicians are spending the taxpayers’ money recklessly, without caring for the welfare of the common man. However, the common man is struggling to have even two square meals a day in these days of high rate of inflation.

B S Raghavendra Rao

In the wrong path

Arundhati Roy is reported to have said, ‘India has never hesitated to use her military might to annex land and put down popular movements and cites Jammu and Kashmir, Manipur, Hyderabad and Goa as examples.’ Arundhati is questioning the very existence of India as a sovereign nation, while residing and enjoying the fruits of the nation state. Her statements tantamount to declaring war against the Indian Nation and she must be tried for sedition. Thousands of freedom fighters and security personnel had sacrificed their lives to preserve the unity and integrity of the nation. By her above statements, she has insulted all the freedom fighters and men in uniform. She has been uttering such preposterous statements in the past; she had just escaped being jailed by the supreme court for her malicious remarks on supreme court. If she is so aggrieved by India as a nation, she could seek asylum to some other country, and live happily in the adopted country.

S N D Poojary
- Goa