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Last Updated 12 November 2017, 15:27 IST

Bengalureans have witnessed the vicissitudes of change that Church Street has undergone through decades. Now they can't wait to see the new changes on the street which is one of the favourite hangouts of tourists, families and youngsters. The latest attraction is the designer cobblestones that are being laid. Youngsters clicking selfies on the finished stretches are a common sight now.

Investment banker Lavanya RC says "The new design is sure to attract more tourists. Church Street is known for its charm and people will always be drawn to this side of town." 
Stock controller Aishwarya G S, who lives in Indiranagar, is happy that Church Street is wearing a sleek look now. "A lot of effort has gone into making this road look good. I hope the authorities will take similar efforts to beautify the other roads in the city as well," she says.
This stretch is popular with youngsters who are regulars at most of the restaurants and pubs. 
College student Dhananjaya Naresh says that she often hangs out on Church Street with her friends. "Earlier, Church Street had broken sidewalks and the roads were unmotorable. Now, the street looks good. There were times when this stretch used to stink because of clogged drains. That stench is no longer there," says Dhananjaya.

The street now has a definite character and identity, feels A student of Baldwin Women's Methodist College, Daneta says, "The first place I think of when I am hungry is Church Street. The unkempt look has given way to a more sophisticated one now. I now come here more often than I used to."

Church Street is also popular with foreigners. Stuart Lawson, who works for the IT wing of Shell, has been visiting India quite often for work purposes. He too has observed the changes.

"I have visited Church Street several times before but it has never looked as neat as it does now. A few of my favourite restaurants are on this street and I always go there when I am in Bengaluru," says Stuart. He also points out the fact that instead of good roads and parks, it's buildings that are coming up more and more in the city. "The challenge now is to streamline traffic and make this road a more pedestrian-friendly one," he adds.

While the makeover is a welcome one, some Bengalureans like Kumar S, an employee with Air Asia, wonders if the road will be maintained well in the days to come. "The road has become narrow after the makeover. Unless people maintain lane discipline, it is difficult for vehicles to move freely," says Kumar.

Drawing a comparison to roads abroad, Kumar says, "The roads abroad are cleaned very often and you wouldn't find a single piece of paper thrown around. Here, people dump garbage on the roads and Church Street is no exception. I hope people actively cooperate in keeping the city clean."

(Published 12 November 2017, 11:28 IST)

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