'Agni Sakhi' eco-friendly stove to light up 130 rural homes

Last Updated 26 November 2017, 15:27 IST

'Agni Sakhi', a boon to village home-makers in the taluk, has entered the kitchens of the women of Shidlaghatta taluk, thanks to the scientists of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc).  

The institute will soon design and supply 'Agni Sakhi' 130 bio-gas ovens to homes where homemakers have so far been using traditional stoves that use wood as fuel. The fumes from wood-fuel stoves have always been a health hazard to housewives.

With Agni Sakhi, housewives will have the same comfort as cooking with LPG stoves. As a result these eco-friendly stoves, have been considered a blessing by village homemakers.

It is possible to use locally available agricultural waste as fuel and that too in a limited quantity with the 'Sakhi' stove. As a result, Sakhi has the benefits like zero price of fuel, no smoke, minimum space requirement, safety and simplicity.    

As the Sakhi stove is insulted, it is fire safe. The Sakhi stove has been developed by Prof H S Mukunda of IISc. The third version of the stove has been introduced in the taluks' kitchens.  

The Agni Sakhi stove has been introduced by Bengaluru's Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE). It is being manufactured by Bengaluru's Sustain Tech.    

The Sakhi stove can burn local wood as well. The biogas for cooking can be used without producing smoke or soot. It is possible to regulate the air and heat in this stove and cooking takes lesser time said the Taluk's silk manufacturing firm's CEO Janardhana Murthy.  

Among the villages where the stove is being installed are, Abloodu, Malamachanhalli, S Deveganahalli, Sadahalli, Yananguru, Belutti, Hithalahalli, Anuru, K Muthagadahalli, Kuthandahalli, Bodaguru, Taledammanahalli, Varadanayakanahalli, Meluru and others. The stove is given at a discounted price of Rs 4500 each.    

Swathi Bhogle, CEO of TIDE said that Sakhi stove was a better option than LPG stoves because it is clean fuel and the fuel expense is zero. "It can be used heating water, cooking, silk coccon extraction and to heat up rural homes in the winter season," she added.    

Senior Project Manager of TIDE Ashik Ahmed said the task of taking the Sakhi stove to rural homes was a noble one. "Providing a healthy stove at zero fuel cost which also eco-friendly to rural women is a what we envisioned," he added.    

"I am using the Agni Sakhi stove for 3 months now. I can easily cook for seven people at home. I can cook all kinds of food quickly and that gives me more time for other work. Cleaning vessels is also easier as there is no soot," said Shivamma a beneficiary.  

(Published 26 November 2017, 14:10 IST)

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