Bengaluru second in crime chart, pips Mumbai

Bengaluru second in crime chart, pips Mumbai

Bengaluru second in crime chart, pips Mumbai

Bengalureans have a reason  to worry -   the Silicon City of India has now surpassed Mumbai to become the second-most crime-prone metro in the country.

This is when Mumbai, where the underworld,  too, run their own show, has reported a decline in the number of crimes.

The 'Crime in India 2016' report also shows that Bengaluru is second to Delhi among 19 metros having a population of more than 20 lakh in cases of murder and dowry deaths among others.

Bengaluru reported 45,797 crime cases registered under the Indian Penal Code in 2016, while Delhi reported 1.99 lakh and Mumbai reported 39,617 cases, according to the report prepared by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and released on Thursday.

Karnataka's capital has been reporting a sharp increase in crimes over the last few years. While there were 31,892 cases in 2014, it rose to 35,576 cases in 2015. Last year's figure for Bengaluru is an increase of 10,221, while Mumbai has registered a decline of 3,323 cases.

Bengaluru is second on the list  in terms of the number of murders. Delhi (479 cases) reported the highest number of murders followed by Bengaluru with (229 cases) and Patna with (195 cases). Mumbai had 147 such cases.

The city also figures in the top five in rape cases. While Bengaluru reported 321 rapes, Delhi had the highest at 1,996 followed by Mumbai (712), Pune (354) and Jaipur (330).

According to the report, Delhi (5,453 cases) reported the highest number of cases of kidnapping and abduction while Mumbai had 1,876 and Bengaluru had 879 such cases.

Minors in Bengaluru were also among the most targeted as the city ranked third with 1,333 cases of crime against children after Delhi (7,392) and Mumbai (3,400).