On a global platform

On a global platform

Culture Bonanza

On a global platform

Entertaining: One of the rock performances in progress.

More than 6,000 students witnessed this cultural bonanza on both the days and filled the huge stadium with enthusiastic fervour. As usual, the fest started with the lighting of the lamp. But the special thing about the ceremony was that it was attended by students from different nations in their traditional attires and with their hands folded according to Indian culture. Later, the crowd prayed in silence for the martyrs of the Rwandese genocide.
The cultural events kickstarted with a rock band performance by the Acharya Institutes, which was followed by the students of CMR Institute and Dayananda Sagar College performing some energetic songs. Madhurima, a Kathak dancer, gave a diligent performance on the song Kaahe Chhed Chhed Mohe from the movie Devdas.

Tanzanian group dance and Bhutanese dance took the audience to a different world.  Aishwarya and team performed a group dance for the song Let’s have some raunak. These girls set the stage on fire with their fabulous performances.

Three students from Mauritius presented the Mauritius Sega, the national dance of the nation. The dancers moved elegantly with their hips swinging and arms stretched. The steps were versatile and the audience were mesmerised by the magic of the tunes and the soulful expressions of the dancers. Fashion shows by Garden City College and Acharya Polytechnic  kept the festive spirit of the evening.

On the second day of the fest, students performed mad-ads and other cultural events. Apart from this, the Habba also provided a platform for many to showcase their talents in rangoli, tattooing and Ikebana.

The fest ended with an international dance by the Indian group. “This is the event, I was eagerly waiting to see. I never miss Acharya Habba  because I can enjoy a wide range of events, both national and international. Like me, many youngsters in the City throng to Acharya Institute during the festivals to get an idea of international art forms,” says Vidhyadhar from Jain University.