Man kills lover's husband, tries to impersonate him 'Face/Off' style

Man kills lover's husband, tries to impersonate him 'Face/Off' style

In an incident straight out of John Travolta-Nicolas Cage starrer Face/Off, a man from Hyderabad killed his lover's husband and then tried to impersonate him with help of plastic surgery.

A Rajesh and Swathi, wife of Sudhakar Reddy, a businessman, gave Reddy a sedative and smashed his head with a rod.

They then took the body to a far off location and burnt it.

After returning home, Swathi dipped her scarf in petrol, lit it and placed it on Rajesh's face to burn it.

When the plan failed, Rajesh placed his face on the burner of the LPG stove.

Swathi then convinced everyone that miscreants threw acid on Reddy's face and admitted Rajesh to Apollo DRDO hospital under Reddy's name.

They had already struck a deal with a plastic surgeon in Sangareddy to reconstruct Rajesh's face like Reddy's for Rs 8 lakh.

Their plan, however, failed after Reddy's mother and brother realised that it was not Reddy who was admitted to the hospital after Rajesh, a vegetarian, refused to drink mutton soup, Reddy's favourite.

Reddy's family then filed a police complaint. The cops took Rajesh's fingerprints and compared with that of Reddy's using Aadhaar.

Later during separate interrogations, Swathi and Rajesh revealed the truth.

The police found a few bones and Reddy's skull at the site where his body was burnt.

After he was discharged, Rajesh told the media that Swathi was not happy with Sudhakar.

"So she became close to me. I initially proposed to elope, but Swati was not ready to leave her two children," Rajesh said.

Investigation officer Srinivas Rao said Rajesh, who has been arrested along with Swati, will be produced before the court in a day.

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