All in good spirits

All in good spirits

Management students from various colleges took part in the inter-collegiate fest of City College, Surmount-2010

All in good spirits

skillful Dharani and team performing.

Participants from 16 colleges vied out in an array of exciting events, covering human resources, finance, marketing and business. The fest provided them an opportunity to display their creativity in a competitive atmosphere.

The management event called The Game of Brains was inspired from the game of chess and all the events were named after important chess pieces. The best manager round in this was aptly called as The King. “As the King’s position decides the fate in chess, a manager’s ability decides the fate of an organisation. Every piece has its own importance and responsibilities in the game. Likewise every sub-sector of management is crucial in business. That’s why we have come up with such names,” said Balaji K N, a student coordinator.

The Best Manager event began with participants writing an aptitude test. In the second round, they spoke on a particular topic. Audience thoroughly enjoyed as the eminent judges grilled the participants with questions that tested the clarity of their vision and their ability to endure stress. The Rook was a finance event and The Queen was an HR contest.

The marketing event The Knight, was another interesting competition where students had to identify the logos of different brands and were asked to launch a commercial product of their choice. “I am really happy being a part of this fest. I worked day and night with my friends to make this event a grand success. Even though two more management fests were happening in the City at the same time, we were able pull in a large number of crowd,” said Balaji from City College.  

The management fest was followed by the annual day of City College which was graced by S R Nayak, Chairman, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. He advised the students to do their civic duties and stressed upon the importance of political education and activeness.

Kumar and team performed an all language fusion dance in colourful outfits on the occasion. They danced to a few fast tracks like Zoobi Doobi, Randaka Randaka, and Hosa Gaana Bajaana. Dharani and group also enticed the crowd with their nicely choreographed piece. These women in black danced to the title song of the film Omkara flashing swords and enacting some battle sequences.

A mixed fashion show comprising bridal, corporate, Western and ethnic wear added the much-needed glamour to the evening. Models wearing different outfits walked down the ramp together and spread the message of  unity in diversity.