Consent award for Yaragol Drinking Project soon

Consent award for Yaragol Drinking Project soon

Various organisations pressuring govt to begin the construction

The Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board which is in charge of the project aims to build a dam on Markendaya river and fulfill drinking water needs to three taluk centres and 45 villages.

The notification for the land acquisition process was issued on November 25, 2009 and the acquisition process is on.

Long time

Once the land acquisition process starts it takes a long time to complete it in the normal course. Hence, the district administration has suggested to the Board to get the consent of the farmers and fix the consent award.

In this regards deputy commissioner N Prabhakar has written a letter to the Board’s managing director Sandeep Dhave on March 23 last.

“The whole process has to be finished very fast. Hence a discussion with the land owners has to be held and after taking their consent fix the consent award price according to Land Acquisition Act col 11 (2). It is also important for the Board to give the approval at the earliest,” he has said in the letter.

“In the current year there is severe water drinking water crisis in the towns and rural areas. A serious situation has arisen where water has to be distributed in tankers. Hence, it has become inevitable for a permanent drinking water scheme like the Yaragol scheme to be taken up in a hurry,” he felt. 

The day a letter was written to the principal secretary and the board, the deputy commissioner also wrote to the Revenue department and Forest department principal secretaries.

He has requested the Revenue department principal secretary G N Narayanswamy to sanction the land under Karnataka Land Revenue Act Column 71 to the Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Board to give permission to enter the land (enter up on permission) under column 93.

CM orders transfer of land

The chief minister at a meeting held on March 17 in Bangalore had ordered that the land should transferred for the project immediately.

The pipeline for the project has already been laid. Various organisations and the public are putting pressure on district administration to begin the work of building the dam before the rainy season begins.

The deputy commissioner has also written to the Forest department principal secretary on March 23 to sanction 56.28 acres of land in survey no 21 in Palmadagu grama to the project.

Additional deputy commissioner S N Gangadaraiah has said that all efforts are going on to complete the Yargol drinking water project at the earliest.