Massive rally in support of permanent irrigation

Massive rally in support of permanent irrigation

Agitators vow to intensify movement if govt doesnt respond

Massive rally in support of permanent irrigation

People taking part in the rally organised by Shashwata Neerawari Horata Samiti pressing for permanent irrigation system at Chikkaballapur on Wednesday. dh photo
He was speaking at the rally organised by Shashwata Neerawari Horata Samiti pressing for permanent irrigation system to Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts here on Wednesday. National Highway Roko was also organised as a part on the protest.

Bache Gowda said that though GP election was around the corner, people were involved in protest as water was more important than elections.

“The people of this region have been agitating from past two decades for permanent irrigation scheme. For a decade now they have been demanding for implementation of Dr Paramashivaiah Report. In spite of this, the government has turned a nelson’s eye to the issue and hasn’t assured permanent irrigation facility” Gowda added.

“The acute water shortage has not only deprived the people of their agricultural yield it has also lead to drinking water crisis. Many farmers have  committed suicide as crops have withered in the field due to lack of water,” Bache Gowda said.

The government should respond to the needs of the people. The peace rally has been organised to draw the government’s attention. The rally will intensified in the coming future, he added.

Devraj Urs Medical College Administrative Board Secretary G H Nagaraj who spoke on the occasion said the people of Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts had launched agitation against the government for irrigation scheme similar to the one launched against British for freedom.

He warned of continuing the agitation until the realisation of their goals. “The permanent irrigation scheme and Paramashivaiah Report will be implemented and this will be our contribution to future generation,” he added. “The land of Sir M V Visvesvaraya who constructed many dams across the nation and was living legend is today water starved. Thanks to the government’s apathetic attitude,” Nagaraj added.

Women outnumber men in rally

Members of the Shashwatha Niravari Horata Samithi taluk unit staged a massive protest rally on NH 7, demanding implementation of permanent irrigation scheme in Chikkaballapur on Wednesday.

They stage a rasta roko for nearly one hour. They took out a procession on the main road in the town.

They demanded the implementation of the permanent irrigation scheme and shouted slogans. Women had participated in large numbers in the protest. They displayed empty pots and protested.

The leaders of all the parties forgetting their party affiliations joined in the protest.
DSS and DSS (Ambedkarvada) workers played a prominent role in the protest.
Even though it was a massive protest, it was peaceful. Town’s First Grade college students boycotted classes and participated in the protest.

The advocates boycotted the court proceedings and lent their support. All the workers who participated in the protest were given buttermilk and water sachets.