Choosing The Right Geyser This Winter!

Choosing The Right Geyser This Winter!

Choose the right geyser

There are few things that are as soothing and relaxing as a warm shower. If you're just moving into a new place or want to replace an existing water heater, deciding which one to choose can get confusing. Here are some points to consider when you are looking for a geyser:

Energy efficient

Geysers usually require a lot of energy and are one of the main reasons for high electricity bills. Hence, energy efficiency is one of the most important things to consider while selecting geysers.  

Auto Off

When the water is sufficiently heated, the power supply gets automatically cut off and starts again when the water begins to lose heat. Of course, you still must switch off the geyser or else the whole 'on-off cycle continues through the day. The auto-off feature keeps the geyser's inner part from burning out.

Service & warranty

Make sure to check the warranty period and how efficient the company is with after-sales services. Most manufacturers provide at least two years of warranty and some offer different periods for different parts of the geyser.

Space & size

The size of geyser mostly depends on your needs and the size of your bathroom. You will also need to consider where exactly you need the geyser to be fixed and consider the height and where the pipes are. Traditional geysers are huge and take up a lot of space while the instant geysers take up little room.


Instant water heaters are more durable than the storage geysers because they tend to decompose. Also, instant heaters come with parts that can be easily replaced to give them a longer life.


May not be as important but, in a new house or bathroom, we would want the geyser to blend with the tiles and walls. Most geysers come in subtle colours and have a glossy finish. Some of them have a rust-proof body.  


(Abhay Singh, appliances category head, Housejoy)  

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