When Netanyahu promised to join PM for yoga

When Netanyahu promised to join PM for yoga

When Netanyahu promised to join PM for yoga

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have the company of his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu when he will go for a yoga session next time.

The bonhomie between Modi and Netanyahu was on full display when they addressed journalists after their meeting at the Hyderabad House in New Delhi on Monday. If Modi called the Israeli prime minister by his nickname "Bibi", Netanyahu reciprocated the gesture by referring to his host as "Narendra".

"My friend Narendra, any time you want to do a yoga class with mea  it's a big stretch but I'll be there. Trust me," Netanyahu promised Modi, who  is known to be an avid yoga practitioner and has taken part  in public sessions on International Yoga Days in the past.   The audience – journalists and officials  joined them in laughter.

And the two leaders hugged each other, just as they did at the airport on Monday, when Modi broke protocol to receive Netanyahu and his wife Sara Netanyahu at the tarmac.

Earlier, Modi was the first to speak before media persons after he and Netanyahu witnessed an exchange of agreement. And he began by greeting the latter.

"My good friend, Welcome to India," he said in Hebrew, amid applause from Netanyahu and rest of the delegation accompanying Israeli Prime Minister.

Prime Minister recalled his landmark visit to Israel in July last year. "I carried the greetings and friendship of 1.25 billion Indians during my momentous journey to Israel. In return, I was overwhelmed by the generous affection and warmth of the Israeli people, led by my friend, Bibi," he said.