Outgoing Paryaya seer to work for healthcare facilities

Outgoing Paryaya seer to work for healthcare facilities

Outgoing Paryaya seer to work for healthcare facilities

Outgoing Paryaya seer Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swami has said that he would prioritise initiatives of providing healthcare facilities and imparting knowledge to the needy after the end of his two year Paryaya.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, the seer said that he had a wonderful tenure for two years. He said he was indeed happy to perform most of his duties. Though his health was an issue, he was able to discharge all his duties diligently, he said. Stating that of the two dormitories built, one for the dignitaries and the other for common people, Madhwangana was built above Rajangana and would be available for devotees. A residential hostel has been built for poor children in Pajaka, he added.

The seer said that he would remain advisor for the Dharma Samsad and the committee would decide about the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. He also added that the slaughtering of cattle should be stopped. The action would not harm any religion or faith, he said and added that if at all the VHP wants him to be the crusader and raise the issue with the Prime Minister, he would do so.

Noting that he never condemned the Constitution, he said instead, he had just demanded the amendments as several amendments are made. There is no harm in proposing equality in terms of reservation. Everyone would be treated equally and would be entitled to all facilities offered by the government. He said he is ignorant about the controversies created following his comments on all the issues.

Briefing about the proposed plans after stepping down from the Paryaya Peeta, the seer said he would spend his time judiciously in social service and would write volumes. He would be currently concentrating on the educational institutions built at Pajaka and Paryaya, while a hostel is being built for Dalit students in Shivamogga. He would also embark upon programmes to develop Maoist-prone areas.

In reply to a query about him ascending the Paryaya throne for the next circle, the seer said he has no guarantee for his life. If at all God blesses him, he would remain the guide for his junior for discharging religious and spiritual responsibilities.

He said he would now look into the complications and try to find a way out for the confused dates of the festivals in Hindu calendar.