All eyes on the screen

All eyes on the screen

All eyes on the screen

The Supreme Court's stay on notifications and orders issued by Rajasthan and Gujarat prohibiting exhibition of 'Padmaavat' the film in their states has been welcomed by filmmakers from Sandalwood.  

Actor-director-producer Rakshit Shetty is excited about the  SC's move to stay the ban. "This is a welcome move for all filmmakers. When a film goes to the Censor Board it is scrutinised. Once this happens and  corrective measures are taken to release the movie, it should be the final say. I'm glad that this has been respected," he says.

Director Pawan Kumar says, "I am excited  that freedom of expression has won  over fringe. This  is an encouraging and positive move and  will set an example for  moviemaking in the future."

"There is so much paperwork involved which can be really exhausting. When it's a historical movie, recreating  things are very expensive. Whenever a film is made with  such a vision, the first thought on the writer's mind is who will get offended by the film. Filmmakers at the writing stage itself decide not to tread this path and such  protests add to the mental block," he  says.  

Director Hemanth Rao of 'Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu' fame says that  filmmaking is a two-way street where the responsibility of the filmmaker and the ability of the audience to let filmmakers express themselves, comes in the picture. "Freedom of expression is  one of the most debatable issues in our country. Everybody has an opinion and everybody has the right to their own belief system which creates paradoxical situations sometimes. We are not a country of goons and we need to remember this always," he says.

Hemanth adds that the stay on the ban of films  by the Supreme Court upholds the authority of the Censor Board and makes sure it is the last word when it comes to films. "If the CBFC had banned the film then such a situation was understandable. I'm happy  that the decision of the Censor Board is being respected," he adds.

Director P C Shekar is excited that the movie has got the green flag from the SC. "This is a big step for filmmakers across the country. A movie by a director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali is always well-researched. I am very happy that this is being honoured by the authorities. As a director and as an audience member, I was looking forward to the release of the movie," he says.

As a director, he  feels relieved and confident. "I have an upcoming movie called 'Terrorist' which requires a lot of experimentation. I am glad about this move. Justice does prevail!"