Firm on contesting elections from Chamudeshwari, CM asserts again

Firm on contesting elections from Chamudeshwari, CM asserts again

Firm on contesting elections from Chamudeshwari, CM asserts again

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, once again asserted that he will contest from Chamundeshwari Assembly constituency, from where he has won for seven terms.

He was reacting to former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa's statement that the CM and his confidants were looking for alternative constituencies, considering safer, for the upcoming elections.

Speaking to media here on his arrival to inaugurate a host of development projects in the city and also under Chamundeshwari constituency, the CM said that the poll results are already clear. "We have already won. The BJP has lost. They are issuing such baseless statements due to the fear of defeat. Yeddyurappa has not uttered a truth so far. His accusations that there are 67 cases against me are far from the truth. There is no need for the BJP to release a charge sheet against me if I have erred. Let them file a case, if any, with the police. The Police department will probe the cases and file the charge sheets," he said.

In response to Yeddyurappa's mockery to his announcement of projects during his Sadhana Samavesha, the CM said that he will present the regular budget in April and it has nothing to do with the election. Yeddyurappa should read the Constitution once again, he added.

In connection with the Mahadayi River water sharing issue, Siddaramaiah said that the prime minister should intervene in this case, and Rahul Gandhi has no role to play in this episode. "Yeddyurappa does not have the minimum knowledge that the prime minister should mediate to solve inter-state problems," he said.

Transfer of DC

Relying to a question on the transfer of Hassan Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri, the CM said that it is a purely administrative decision. "I do not have any information that the Election Commission has stayed the transfer order. The EC has no right to interfere in administrative matters," he said.

Later, addressing the people at D Salundi village, during the celebration of 'Okuli' festival at Mudala Basaveshwara temple, he said that they should be careful about the people, who create communal tension in the name of the cow. "Those who have not reared any cattle, for the past one generation at least, are speaking about worshipping the cow," he said.