Trader's wife plans bombcall to get back at rival

Trader's wife plans bombcall to get back at rival

What began as a bomb threat to the Kempegowda International Airport turned out to be a clash between two women married to a jailed businessman, sending the airport police into a tizzy.

At 11 pm on January 24, sub-inspector  Maregowda of the International Airport police received a phone call from a man, identifying himself as Prakash Rathod. The caller said a woman named Madhu from Vodeyerahalli, part of the naxal group, has planted a bomb at the airport with her associates.

The police passed on the information to the airport authorities, who asked security personnel to conduct a combing operation, and tightened security. When the police received the same information from different phone numbers, they traced the calls to a woman, named Veena.

They later learnt that Veena is the wife of a businessman Prakash Rathod, who is doing time in jail for a cheating case. Rathod was earlier married to Madhu, a homemaker from Vodeyerahalli, who has two children with him.

Madhu was shocked when the police questioned her on the bomb hoax. The police probe revealed that Veena conspired to fix Madhu, and asked an accomplice to make the hoax call.

Rathod had dumped Madhu and lived with Veena during his arrest. Madhu, however, began visiting him in jail and got closer to the man, who stopped talking to Veena.

The police detained Veena for questioning and are looking for the caller. The Vidyaranyapura police are further probing the incident.