Radio lives on in age of internet

Radio lives on in age of internet

Radio lives on in age of internet

With World Radio Day falling on February 13, Bengalureans tune into memories and stories with the radio channels.

Filmy touch

Rakshit Shetty, Actor-director

"Earlier, we had only All India Radio and film music was aired only for an hour. These days, FM stations have movie-based or entertainment programmes all the time. Being in the industry, this is the best way I can update myself with film music. I love the way radio jockeys present programmes now. The content is more people-friendly too."

Favourite stations: Radio City 91.1 FM, Radio Mirchi and Big FM.

Favourite song on radio: 'Huttodh Yake Sayodh Yake'.

Interactive avatar

Chaitra Rao, TV actor

"I recollect listening to cricket commentary on All India Radio in the late 80s and early 90s. What is really impressive now is how the radio channels have become more interactive and two-sided now. Earlier, one could switch the radio on and listen to the anchor talking while now there are more programmes that include audience interaction. Traffic updates and sudden occurrences are best communicated through the radio."

Favourite stations: Red FM, Fever 104 FM and Amrutavarshini regularly.

Favourite song on radio: 'Sooraj Dooba Hain'.

Change in content

Danish Sait, Actor and RJ

"When Radio City was launched in the city, it was cool to listen to it. Everyone was familiar with names like Sunaina Lal and Rohit Barker. From dedication of songs to making prank calls, radio channels have become more interactive. A lot of things have changed now including delivery of content. Now, RJs are expected to present entertaining and educative information in a concise format."

Platform for classical music

Dr Jayanth Kumar Das, Staff artiste with All India Radio and DD Chandana

"Earlier, there was no way to listen to music other than tuning into the radio. It was AIR that gave a strong platform for promotion of classical music. It still does. The best part is that technology has made it easier to access any form of music. The audience also sends feedback which encourages artistes now. Though the focus now on classical music is less despite the number of FM channels, the launch of the 24X7 channel, 'Raagam', has made it easier for people to listen to classical music now."

The city connect

Prem Kumar, student of LISAA School of Design

"I am hooked to the radio, be it when I'm driving or through my mobile phone. Comparing to a decade or two ago, one can know their city better through the radio now. From offers at a nearby mall to social and political updates in the city, the radio keeps you informed about everything now."

Favourite stations: Radio City and Radio Indigo.

Favourite song on radio: 'River'

Advertisements galore

Sreeja Sreedharan, Communications professional

"The radio stations are flooded with annoying commercials now. A long time back, I loved listening to radio channels while travelling. Later, with mobile phones, one had better access to the radio. I'm not sure how popular radio is now but when I am travelling and am lazy to create a music playlist, I just opt for the radio."

Favourite stations: Radio Indigo and Radio Mirchi.

Favourite song on radio: 'Swag Se Swagat'.

Choices aplenty

Sudha Murthy, retired banker,

"I used to listen to All India Radio as a youngster. One of my favourite programmes was 'Binaca Geethmala'. Classical instrumental music, I remember, was played from 6 to 8 am. Now, there is a long list of music to listen to, including independent artistes. One can easily tune into varied channels for news updates and entertainment. Old is gold though and the charm of olden times can be never replicated."

Companion on the go

Usha Iyengar, teacher

"I used to sit with my parents and siblings around the radio, listening to news and films songs as a child. Now one can easily access radio channels through different gadgets. It's like a companion on the go. You can listen to music as well as educational programmes."

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