RTPS: Technical snags continue to affect power generation

RTPS: Technical snags continue to affect power generation

Adulterated coal causing trouble, says Jaamdar

RTPS: Technical snags continue to affect power generation

plaint The main source of energy to State, the RTPS is affected by frequent technical glitches. DH photo

The  RTPS, a major source of energy to the State during summer, is not generating to its full capacity depriving the State of at least 500 MW of power.

Sources in the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL) said the sixth unit has developed a technical snag after it was fed with adulterated coal. The seventh unit has been taken up for annual maintenance.

S M Jaamdar, Managing Director, KPCL confirming the information, promised that both the units will be operational by evening.

“The sixth unit will begin functioning first and will be followed by the seventh unit, but the process to light up the boiler requires time,” he said.

“It is the stones mixed with the coal that has created problem in generating process,” he said. Blaming the coal mafia, he said “ It is the mischief during the transportation of coal, which is resulting in such incidents,” he said.

He said that coal theft was common in the earlier days. But it was controlled ever since the Railways initiated stringent measures to prevent it.

“At one time there was 40 per cent theft. Their modus operandi involves unloading the coal and filling it with stones,” he said.

He said even the washed coal was being stolen and stones of same quantity was loaded. Such adulterated coal will interrupt the power generation. However, the problem will be sorted out and both the units will be ready for operations, he assured.

More trouble

In addition to this, sources in RTPS said that there were problems in the third and sixth units too. Sources said technical glitches appeared in the conveyor belts and coal could not be fed into the third and sixth units.

Executive Director Nagaraj also said that earlier in the day, the seventh unit too developed technical problems but it has been set right. He said that at present only 600 MW power was being generated.  

Sources also said, though the third unit was repaired, it could not generate power up to its full capacity.  RTPS sources revealed that of the 1, 470MW of power only 600 MW power was being generated and it may further worsen the situation.