Stany moves into sole lead

Stany moves into sole lead

Defending champion downs Nihal Manjunath for a one-point cushion

 Stany has six points after six roundS of matches, a one point lead from his nearest rivals. Earlier, Stany eased past Navalgund Niranjan of Belgaum in round five after defeating HG Santosh Kashyap in the fourth round.

Nihal had got past U-10 world champion Girish A Koushik in the fifth round to share the lead with Stany. Nihal, though, could not keep up the momentum as he fell to the Shimoga lad in the sixth round.

As many as seven players are  for second place at five points.
Important results: Round VI: Stany GA  (6) bt Nihal Manjunath (5); Gahan MG (5) drew Yashas D (5); Girish A Koushik (5) bt Suraj M (4.5); Upendra K (4) lt to Arvind Shastry (5); Kulkarni Vinayak (4) lt to Navalgund Niranjan (5); Satvik M (4) lt to Vijendra  YG (5); Gavi Siddayya (4.5) drew Vijeth TA (4.5); Nikhil R Umesh (4) lt to Santoshkashyap HG  (5); Gopalkrishna P (4.5) bt Amogha HA (3.5); Sameer Ghotane (4) drew Neeraj S Pai (4); Rakshith R Umesh (4) drew Kishan Gangolli (4); Augustin A (4.5) bt Anishcharith C Bhandary (3.5); Sushrutha G (3.5) lt to Karthik HS (4.5); Kaushik R (3.5) lt to Bhat Narayan K (4.5); Louis Kumpala (3.5) lt to Ganesh Kumar (4.5).

Round V: Navalgund Niranjan (4) lt to GA Stany (5); Nihal Manjunath (5) bt Girish A Koushik (4); D Yashas (4.5) bt P Gopalkrishna (3.5); Kishan Gangolli (3.5) lt to MG Gahan (4.5); M Suraj (4.5) bt S Shreeshan (3.5); Arvind Shastry (4) bt Sameer Ghotane (3.5); Sumith Bhat (3) lt to YG Vijendra (4); Varma Shabdhik (3) lt to Gavi Siddayya (4); HG Santosh Kashyap (4) bt Naren N Kumar (3); Praveen Kamath (3) lt to Upendra K (4); Kulkarni Vinayak (4) bt SM Bhagwat (3); HA Amogha (3.5) drew A Augustin (3.5); HS Karthik (3.5) drew Rakshith R Umesh (3.5); Neeraj S Pai (3.5) drew R Kaushik (3.5); Sushrutha Reddy (3) lt to Nikhil R Umesh (4).

Round IV: GA Stany (4) bt HG Santosh Kashyap (3); Nihal Manjunath (4) Bt Arvind Shastry (3); Girish A  Koushik (4) bt Kulkarni Vinayak (3); K Upendra (3) lt to Navalgund Niranjan (4); Sameer Ghotane (3.5) drew M Suraj (3.5); P Gopalkrishna (3.5) drew Kishan Gangolli (3.5); Naren N Kumar (3) lt to D Yashas (3.5); MG Gahan (3.5) bt M Raju (3.5); A Augustin (3) drew TA Vijeth (3); S Shreeshan (3.5) bt JK Gautam (2); YG Vijendra (3) bt Andria L D`Souza (2); Gavi Siddayya (3) bt R Parthasarathy (2); Shalon Joanne Pais (2) lt to HS Karthik (3); R Kaushik (3) bt Rishank S Nair (2); R Manoj (2) lt to Sushrutha Reddy (3).