Innovate designs on your own

Innovate designs on your own

Innovate designs on your own

The creative odyssey of Sujay S and wife Innu Nevatia goes back to their search for  their kind of green dining table for their new home. Their search took them to countless flea markets, home decor stores and niche websites, but they were left disappointed. None of these places had what they had visualised.

This clearly was an eye-opener for them. It soon dawned on them that they had to depend on their creativity for what they wanted. And they did what they had to.  The couple bought a table that fit their size and structure requirements and customised it.

They now had not just the perfect green table for their dining room, but an idea called Zwende as well.    

This online platform for mass customisation of home decor products and fashion accessories, founded by Sujay and Innu, works with designers to make their designs and products available online which users can mix and match to create their own products.

"We wanted a solution to bridge the gap between what the customer wanted and what was available. Zwende is a one-of-a kind platform that provides the user with tools to make creations," informs Sujay.

"Traditional customisation models are very cumbersome. We let the customer say what they require and we work with the makers to digitalise the entire inventory of products. There is a designer in everyone and this guided customisation platform can bring you the design you want," he says.

The best thing about Zwende is that one can look at something and imagine customising it. "You can add colour or take away a few patterns,'' he says adding,  "Retail today is a supply-led demand chain. As a shopper, I have a choice to buy or not to buy. So we thought, can we have a demand-led supply chain?"

"Customers can pick from a range of lifestyle products including a variety of bags, totes, work accessories, lampshades, stationery, home decor and more and they can add their own inputs to have it exactly  the way they want it," he adds.

It's an easy process -- one can customise handcrafted products in just a few clicks. "Choose the material, designs and  colours and create what the customer has envisioned. Not just that, one can also watch the creation take shape in real-time, with the site's 360-degree live preview," he informs.

The orders are manufactured on demand and delivered in three to 15 days. The platform not only promotes traditional artisans but also brings out the designer in every customer,  sums up Sujay.

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