Caught between higher studies and work

Caught between higher studies and work


Caught between higher studies and work

Involved: Many students feel working soon after graduation will give them practical experience.

While it is hard to get selected for a management course abroad without at least a few years of work experience under your belt, hardly any rules like that apply here. A look into the issue makes you realise that parents have a great deal to play in this choice.

One of the reasons why parents insist on a post-graduate degree is because of the assumption that their children would get a better job.

But they don’t realise that working in the industry not only gives them invaluable experience but also helps the profile.

“My parents saw a year, spent working, as time wasted since I wouldn’t start off at a higher level in an organisation. So they forced me to go for a post-graduate course,” says Sameer.

While this kind of thinking seems practical, the unnecessary pressure often leads children to take up courses without putting too much thought into what they want out of them.

“Seventy-five percent of the people in my college don’t have any work experience and can’t differentiate between useful information from the completely theoretical,” says Kartick, a student.

This kind of approach maybe fine till you are in school or in graduation but post-graduate courses can open new avenues of learning if you know what you want out of them.

Sadly, since most are not aware of a real life working environment, they are not able to make use of the opportunity.

A reason for this kind of behaviour may also be connected to the security attached with post-graduate courses. Parents think of them as the last ladder in their child’s academic life after which they can settle down in life.

“Our parents want us to finish our studies and only then start working,” says Pryanshu, a student.

Many get married after it, so a few years spent working would delay the marriage by a few years. This is especially true in the case of girls.

“In our society, since arranged marriages are still predominant and people are selected based on their profile, it’s always preferable to have a post-graduate degree on it,” says Adithya, a professor.

So while the concerns of parents are relevant, it’s time that students realise that a few years of working after graduation not only gives you a holistic view of the market that they would eventually be working in but also make their higher studies even more fruitful.

“I worked for more than a year in recruitment and understand what is important when I attend classes now. Also in my case, the post-graduate degree would get me a better profile in the industry I was working in,” says Kabir, a student.

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