Godman's aide flew to Kathmandu from Delhi on March 16

Godman's aide flew to Kathmandu from Delhi on March 16

Nithyananda called up devotees in the US, Tamil Nadu from Nepal

Both Nithyananda and his US chief of operations Gopal Sheelum Reddy, alias Bhaktananda, admitted to State CID sleuths who interrogated them for eight days that after reaching Kathmandu the duo booked a room in Hotel Sangai where they lived for four days before hiring a car to reach Hardwar.

A flight to Kathmandu was considered essential and safe because the two carried a lot of luggage, including suitcases, laptops and video cameras which were used to record his statements before they were uploaded onto www.youtube.com.

At Kathmandu, Nithyananda did not remain cooped up in the hotel room and the two even ventured out to visit a few temples, including the Pashupatinath Temple. From Kathamandu, Nithyananda called up several devotees in the United States, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

In Delhi, the two were helped by devotee called Shailesh Tiwari, alias Manishananda, who purchased the air tickets for Kathmandu. Nithyananda and Bhaktananda hired another car to drive to Solan where they were given shelter by a friend of one of his devotees. At Solan, they were joined by three other Bidadi ashramites who brought along with them some more cellphones.

Nithyananda’s sojourn in the Hardwar ashram of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, who gave him shelter, was interesting because there he met with some influential US-based NRIs who had rushed to India in early March to find out the veracity of the damning videos as well as to confront the godman so that the truth about his sexual indiscretions could be established.

No remorse

At Hardwar Nithyananda also met a researcher Rajiv Malhotra and some leaders before whom he did not appear to have expressed any remorse for his sexual indiscretions and the tantra sex activities he carried out with ashramites in Bidadi.

The police believe that about 35-40 Bidadi devotees signed the “non-disclosure agreement” with two senior ashramites -- Dhanasekaran, alias Sadhananda, and his wife Jamunarani -- between 2005 and 2009. They suspect that the hard disks retrieved from the Bidadi ashram would establish when the agreements were prepared.

The hard disks have been sent to the Central Forensics Science Laboratory, Hyderabad, for retrieval of data which were deleted by some ashramites after the scandal broke.