Petty thinking does not fit into ethos of Karnataka: GUV

Petty thinking does not fit into ethos of Karnataka: GUV

Speaking after inaugurating Justice K S Hegde Centenary Building at Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty English Medium School at Shirva here on Thursday, he said that India is a country full of diversities and one can invent more things about different cultures wherever he goes. Great harmony is found in most parts of Karnataka. Efforts in the field of education is found in this area of the State. Outstanding work has been taken up here.

“We find great tradition and Karnataka has to leave up with this tradition. Karnataka is a wonderful prosperous land coming up in all walks of life owing to broad mindedness of the people here. Petty thinking does not fit into the ethos of Karnataka,” he added.

Bhardhwaj commented that belief in ancient culture and civilisation adds up to the richness of the land. Noble thoughts should be welcomed from across the world. Every noble thought contributes in its own way. Besides, there should be space for modern knowledge. Today the country is undergoing a great transformation. We have a lot of communication with the rest of the world, he added.

Stating that it is indeed necessary to update our knowledge very often, Bhardhwaj said updating knowledge adds up to the knowledge that already exists. If you restrict to one language, you do not enrich yourself. English is a great language for communication with the rest of world.

Sanskrit is also very essential and English is a sister language of Sanskrit. Original language of the land should be preserved. Kannada literature is very powerful, he added. Prafulatha Bhardhwaj, Home Minister Dr V S Acharya, Lokayuktha Justice Santhosh Hedge, Nitte University Chancellor N Vinay Hegde and others were present.