From 0 to 90 in 24 hours!

From 0 to 90 in 24 hours!

However, officials at the Department of Pre University Education have not been able to trace her or her classmate, who are from Florence School. As a result, these girls haven’t received the news of having cleared the exam. The girls had written their exams at Mount Carmel College, which was their examination centre.

The other nine girls, who are from Mount Carmel College, have been informed about their Hindi marks.

Four of them have already collected the hard copies of their mark sheet. Shilpa got 88, Shyma 85 and Shilpa Porwal 70. All were happy that they came together and brought the issue to the department’s notice.

Department Director Shankarnarayanan explained that the error could have happened because "the computer automatically reads marks as zero if the evaluator does not darken the circles adequately on the marking sheets, before feeding the data into the computer."
The invigilator in question obviously lax while marking the entire bundle of 12, leading to this confusion. He also said that girls from Florence School will be informed about their marks on Monday.

The director promised to identify the evaluator responsible for the faux pas, but was non-committal on penalising the evaluator. "A notice will be issued and we may receive a reply in two or three days," he said.