Wanted... A city of joy

Wanted... A city of joy


Wanted... A city of joy

Time changes everything. The roads that look big become smaller with increasing number of people walking on them. And the needs of people change accordingly as well. The City of Bangalore is not what it was five years back and will see a lot of changes in the coming years too. But are these changes in sync with what the youth of the City wants?
Metrolife finds out the changes that youngsters want to see in their City.
The decreasing green cover in the City is what comes to everyone’s minds first.
“Bangalore was called the Garden City once but that greenery is not seen now. I don’t want any more trees to be cut, as this is one of the most important reasons for warming,” says Karthik, a student. These trees are being cut mostly to make space for construction activity, which has become a growing need.

“Before approving any construction plan, a forest department NOC should be mandated. Also, the designs of any vacant land, with trees older than five years, must be modified to protect the current trees,” says Karan Kumar, a student.
“I want the City to be remembered as a green place rather than a place filled with pollution,” says Sachin, a student.

Another issue that troubles all is the traffic. “The City needs to change its traffic sense and roads. Some places still don’t have proper roads,” says Krushangi, a student. “Most of the youngsters just expect the City to be relatively free from traffic congestion,” says Sachin. “Maybe the Metro will provide the much-wanted relief,” says Shreya, a student.

Another burning issue among many remains the nightlife which is as good as dead now.
“I want Bangalore to regain its nightlife. It is the duty of the police to ensure safety not only during broad daylight but also at nights,” says Karan. Krushangi adds, “For a
cosmopolitan City like Bangalore, it’s a shame how the nightlife has decreased.”

Power is next up on the list. “It is very sad that we have several power cuts in a City like Bangalore on a regular basis, where historically, the electricity is supposed to have reached first,” exclaims Pooja Tilva. “The power has become more like a guest at my home now,” says Shreya.

Another problem is cleanliness. “Since Bangalore is said to be a professional and hi-tech City, cleanliness is a must,” says Kartick.

“People who litter or spit on roads should be fined. I also want more dustbins on the roads and not just outside food joints,” Krushangi.

However, everyone agrees that the City should provide a large number of opportunities to the youngsters.

“I want the same if not more prospects for the youth tomorrow. The City should provide an outlet to showcase our talent,” notes Arpitha, a student.