Monaco GP qualifying to go ahead unchanged

Monaco GP qualifying to go ahead unchanged

Formula One has expanded to 12 teams this season, with three all-new outfits, and under the current format all drivers take part in a first 20-minute qualifying session before the slowest seven drop out.

With some of the slowest cars way off the pace of the leaders, some drivers have suggested the first session should be split to reduce the number jostling for space on a tight and twisty street circuit where overtaking is very difficult.

"There was talk today at FOTA (the Formula One Teams Association) of having a split qualifying, going into a hat with 12 in one and 12 in another," Fernandes told Reuters in the Spanish Grand Prix pitlane.

"I said no. We want the race to be exciting, we want to be unpredictable so let qualifying be the same as well,” Fernandes  said.

"I have been in Formula One for seven months now and these guys are very good drivers and they are paid to drive well," added the Malaysian.