Standing on the threshold

Standing on the threshold

Standing on the threshold

apprehensive Students waiting at Christ Junior College to submit their application forms.

The SSLC results are out and while everything has not gone as expected for a lot of students, they are still out and in the process of securing a seat in their favourite colleges. Being disappointed with the marks has always been a common phenomenon and it was seen this year too.

Maria Archana, who is applying to Jyoti Nivas College for a PCM combination, says, “I am not satisfied with my results but I am hoping to get into JNC because it’s a good place to be and also because my friends are there.”

Kartick, a student, says, “I want to take up commerce at St Joseph’s and am not applying anywhere else.” Pooja, who has secured an average of 82 per cent, is happy with her marks but was expecting a little more. “I am happy and sad at the same time. As far as the colleges are concerned, I am applying at Christ, National College, Vijaya College and JNC for a PCM combination,” she says.

There are others of course who can’t help but complain, even if it is for exaggerated reasons. “I am not that happy with my score in maths. I have got only 75 per cent but overall, I have scored 90 per cent,” says Somesh S. “I plan to take up electronics at St Joseph’s,” he says.

Deepak Albert, who has managed to get a great score of 94.4 per cent on the other hand, is full of joy even though his friends call him a nerd. “I don’t just study but I play a lot too. I am hoping to take PCMB at Christ,” he says.

And on the other side of the spectrum are the ones who are very happy with what they have got. “I have scored 68 per cent but I am more than satisfied with my score,” says Smith M Simon. “I am also hoping to take up electronics at St Joseph’s,” he adds.

While admission process mostly entails standing in long queues, a common problem among students, who had appeared for CBSE and ICSE exams, is that they have to apply on the day their results are announced. “I am concerned about submitting my application if the results are announced on Saturday and offices are closed,” says Manju, a student.

Also, there are issues with the payment of the fee when the first cut-off lists come out on May 24. Snehalatha J, who has applied in Mount Carmel, Christ, JNC and National College, says, “The payment of fee within a short time span and different lists coming out on different dates are a problem.” Ragini, a student, adds, “The payment of fee is a problem because it takes time to apply for education loans and scholarships for my course fee, which is around Rs 20,000. But college would cancel the admission if you don’t pay quickly.”