Try to convince govt, scientist tells growers

Try to convince govt, scientist tells growers

Introduction of new flavours in coffee is inevitable and a must

Try to convince govt, scientist tells growers

 Food scientist B RaghavanSpeaking to Deccan Herald, Raghavan kept forth some opinion of his with regard to the revolution that technology can bring in coffee market.

Coffee is his favourite subject and he says that at 64, he still sees coffee to be the most mysterious thing on earth. “A handful of coffee has over 1000 components treasured in it. How does the coffee get fragrance, how does it react to changing temperature and moisture, how can the freshness be restored for long. These are all still a mystery unsolved,” says Raghavan.


He says that retaining or restoring the freshness of Coffee is the biggest challenge. Roasted coffee beans instantly release carbon dioxide (Co2) due to which the beans lose its freshness.

“As a child, I had seen my mother roast coffee every morning and prepare coffee with the same powdered beans. According to me, this is the best method of making coffee,” he said and added that since people do not have so much patience, companies have brought in various technologies of packing coffee.

Relax rules

He pointed that a large portion of locally grown coffee is exported to foreign countries. Hence, there is a need to take measures to improve percentage of coffee consumption in the country as well. He says that some of the policies of the Government are posing obstacle for improving coffee consumption in the country

“Tea can be sold after adding various flavours and fragrance but if this is done to coffee, then as per rules, it is considered as adulteration. Central Government must amend this rule so that coffee market can be widened,” he opined and added that Cardamom flavoured coffee is popular in Middle East while Cinnamon flavoured coffee is a rage in America. Likewise, chilly, cumin, vanilla flavours can be introduced to coffee to create new market for coffee.

Raghavan said that Karnataka and Tamilnadu are the states where coffee consumption is high. While Kannadigas consume coffee mixed with chicory, Tamilians like pure coffee. That is the only difference.