'Fishing fair' enthrals devotees

'Fishing fair' enthrals devotees

'Fishing fair' enthrals devotees

Devotees taking part in fishing fair held at Khandige in Pavanje near Surathkal on Friday. dh photo

The event having historical significance was held at Ullaya Daivasthana of Khandige Beedu. The fair is organised on Mesha Sankrama every year.

The Daivasthana priest Adithya Mukkaldi opened the fair by sprinkling ‘prasadam’ at Nandini river in the early morning. He arrived at the river bank at 6.30 am accompanied with various traditional music equipment. As soon as the priest inaugurated the fair, the devotees dived into the river and began fishing.

Some devotees sell the fish on the spot. Devotess also come in groups to take away fish to their places.

The people feel that consuming the curry of this fish itself is like having ‘prasadam’ of the daiva, and hence the fair has special significance in the region.

Consequently, the fish prices will also be high. A fish is sold for Rs 150 to Rs 1,000. However, there are allegations that people cleverly bring fish from outside and sell here for a higher price.

The members of the public were of the view that the quantity of fish was comparatively less this year. They said this might be because of higher water level at the river.

Tambila, siri darshana rituals held at the daivasthana on Thursday night with pomp and glory. Nema of Ullaya Daiva, Nandigona, Kumara Siri visit, tambila seva to the serpent god, Bakimaru chendu, nema to parivara daivas, hoovina pooje to Ullaya daiva and other rituals were held on Friday.