Chipping in for a mate

Chipping in for a mate

Chipping in for a mate

Tendulkar on his arrival in Ahmedabad. PTI

He also came to the city to meet him on Wednesday after his successful hip-replacement surgery at Shelby Hospital.

Tendulkar had played under-17 cricket with Singh and both are close friends, Singh’s sister Sukhbir Kaur said.

“Dilbir has been suffering since his accident in 2002. But now with the hip-replacement his life would be normal again. I’m very thankful to Sachin for all his help and support all these years,” she said.

Tendulkar was paying for Dilbir’s treatment, Kaur said, adding “I salute Sachin for his gesture of kindness.” Dilbir’s mother Sukhdayal Kaur said she was relieved after the successful operation of her son. “This is all with god’s grace,” she said.

Medical Director of the hospital Pankaj Doshi said Dilbir was referred to them by Dr Ananth Joshi, who was earlier associated with the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

“Dr Joshi, after looking at Dilbir’s condition suggested hip replacement as the only solution and referred him to Dr JA Pachouri, one of the top most Hip replacement specialist in the country, who is working with us here,” Doshi said.

“The operation took around four hours, during which the left hip was replaced. After 8-12 weeks the right hip would be replaced,” Doshi said. He said Dilbir was in coma for nearly six months after his accident.