'May the beautiful angels guard you'

'May the beautiful angels guard you'

'May the beautiful angels guard you'

The pilot lost his life along with 158 passengers onboard after he missed the "landing threshold" on the Mangalore airport runway, plunging into the valley of death.

Some experts are blaming fatigue and overwork while others are accusing the pilot of error and miscalculation for the disaster. Glusica had adopted -- as his hometown in the United Kingdom where he lived with a family of four -- his wife Ana, and children Merima, Aleksander and Dunja, who also have accounts on the social networking site Facebook.

Zlatko joined Air India Express as a pilot in October 2008, eight months after the Boeing 737-800 aircraft was inducted into the carrier’s fleet. He began flying with JAT, the one-time Yugoslavian airliner, in 1979.

Among his 71 friends are several from the Glusica clan, most of them from Zaltko’s native Serbia. As news of the crash and Zlatko’s untimely death travelled to the farthest corners of the world, moving condolences poured in as messages from his friends and relatives on his Facebook “wall”.

Most of his kin are shell-shocked by the news.They can't believe that their friend is no more. Tahil Filopovic wrote "I can't believe it!!!! You'll be missed as a great friend and pilot. God bless your soul."

An alumnus of the JAT flying academy located in the outskirts of Vrsac in Serbia, Glusica has a flying has had flying experience of over 30 years. His friends feel that the mishap was definitely not his fault. They believe he was an extremely dedicated pilot who knew his work but are sad that his passion for flying took his life. Bosiljka Glusica wrote: "You dedicated your entire life to your career but now your job took your life."

Damir Sosic, another friend says that his absence will always be felt. "It is just that your body that has left us. Ur spirit shall always live with us," he posted. Condolences poured in for the pilot's family as well. Branka Grmas wrote: "Sincere condolences to the family Glusica."
Another friend Branka Jovonovic posted: "May the beautiful angels guard you as you are also an angel."