Caste overtones to registrars' removal

Caste overtones to registrars' removal

The University insiders and the Higher Education Department camp have both spoken out against the ad-hoc attempt by the Government to replace the two registrars, Dr M S Talawar and Dr M G Krishnan, as a move that is likely to antagonise the other “influential” communities within the University and outside.

Sources close to the Higher Education Minister, Arvind Limbavali state that the entire decision was taken unanimously by the Chief Minister. “It (The appointment) has community factor written all over,” said a source close to Arvind Limbavali. BU sources believe that the one member Committee of P Vasishta, a retired Allahabad High Court judge, who was investigating into the registrars’ actions provided the right opportunity to the Vice Chancellor, Dr N Prabhu Dev to remove the two controversial registrars from their posts.

“The VC was waiting for the right opportunity to strike back at the registrars who were opposed to his views. We have learnt that the Committee’s verdict is likely to provide enough excuse for Dr Prabhu Dev to justify this move of removing the two registrars from their posts,” informed a BU source.

BU sources believe even the Higher Education Minister distanced himself from Talawar and Krishnan. “He (Limbavali) was backing the two ousted registrars till the decision reached the CM. Later he distanced himself from the entire issue,” said the source.

Close aides of the two registrars said that the ouster of the two registrars will have deep impact in the functioning of the BU, henceforth. “The entire unceremonious ouster of the two registrars contradicts the entire purpose of the committee. It seems that the VC wanted his “yes men” long before the two ousted registrars were appointed,” said the aide.

When contacted by Deccan Herald, Talawar said that keeping in mind the havoc that was created during their appointment, this time, they gave up their charge peacefully. “We have done this with the hope that the new registrars will be given the right opportunities to function properly,” he said. The VC was however unavailable for any comments.