'I get along well with only a few people'

'I get along well with only a few people'

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'I get along well with only a few people'

Meet Dilip Raj and you will be surprised how brutally honest he is for an actor. With very few friends within the industry, he openly accepts the fact despite being here for more than five years, he still could not pick up ‘PR skills’ (which he says is very important for a newcomer) and can’t gel easily with everyone. Then again, he is an actor who is comfortable under his skin and stands out in each of his roles.

Ever since his debut Boyfriend, his film career has been like a hopscotch game. At times, he heads straight into serials, where he first started off as an actor, and then he takes a break from serials and heads right back into films.

He says he struck the balance a long time ago. “Even though I am very active in serials, I have been lucky enough to have worked with people who have been flexible when I have a film on hand,” says Dilip, who has acted in movies like Police Quarters, Milana and Love Guru.

Currently, Dilip has been taking a break from the serial Ratasaptami and channeling all his energy towards, Prakash Raj’s Gaanaa Bajaana, a movie where he is all set to don a different look. With a well-toned body, full grown beard and long hair, it becomes almost impossible to recognise Dilip.

Those who have seen him in the promos feel that he is donning the bad guy image all over again but he strictly denies it. “The entire look and my attitude in the film may seem so. But I play this harmless person who grew up in a rowdy family but does not want to become a rowdy,” he explains.

The fact that he is working with the Love Guru team for the second time makes him feel so much more at ease. “I personally thought that there would be a lot of ego clashes since we were all getting back together after a long time but it was like a mini re-union. There are only a few people I really get along well with and this team is one of them,” he says. “Of all the people, I have seen tremendous growth in Prashanth as a director. He has always been one of those few directors who give tremendous freedom to his actors,” he adds.

Though Dilip is awaiting this film’s release before he signs on his next film, he does long to be part of theatre again.

“I used to be part of a group but after television and movies, I haven’t gone back on stage. It will be tough for me to break away from facing the camera but it will be another adventure to look forward to,” he signs off.