Set in stone

Set in stone


Set in stone

Have you ever thought of converting them into paperweights or showpieces? If not why don’t you try it now?  Take out the entire collection of your stones; segregate them in terms of size, shape, smoothness and weight. Then scrub them clean with soap and water. You could use an old toothbrush to tease out the dust, soil and grime in the body of the stone. Once the stone or the pebble is clean, you could set out to find the material essential for transforming your vision into reality.

You will need basic colours of enamel paints – red, yellow and blue. You could mix the other colours of your choice by the trial and error method. You will realise that it is more fun mixing your own colours than using readily available colours.

You will also need a nylon bristled brush numbered two. A tiny amount of thinner and a rag cloth is a must. When there is an error in the painting, wipe it away with a rag cloth first. Then apply thinner with an old brush and wipe it clean all over again. This will help you to wipe away your mistakes without a trace. You will find a 6-B drawing pencil and an eraser handy.

If it is a smooth round or an oval shaped pebble, then draw a cartoon face on the stone with the pencil. Once you are satisfied with your outline you could go ahead and paint it according to your fancy.

If it is a rugged stone you could paint a miniature landscape or a scene of sunset on a beach. (The unevenness of the stone will add life to the mountains and waves and give a 3-D effect to your painting.)

If it is a fairly smooth, but an oddly shaped flat stone you could paint the entire stone in one hue to create a backdrop and then write a suitable proverb or saying or even your new year resolution on it with a pencil and paint on it again with a contrast colour. (This way you will have created your own stone edicts.)

If you are hesitant about your painting skills, bring out your sequins, odd buttons, beads, ornate sticker bindis and any other mini object that you fancy and arrange them tastefully on the stone and once you are satisfied with the net effect glue them on.

These decorated stones could adorn your study or work tables, the tops of your cupboards, your mantel piece or your showcase.