Today's letters.

Today's letters.


Spare  Lalbagh
I have a serious objection against the state governments plan to uplift Lalbagh and make it an Amusement park. It is the only green lung space left for Bangalore and its considerable portion has been already eaten up by the metro project. Spending crores of rupees on senseless facelift (I doubt whose face lift it is politicians or the Govt oficials?) at the cost of greenary at the time when we are facing a threat of global warming and at the time when Bangalore greenary has been royally raped (I'm sorry to use this word but as a true Bangalorean I feel pain to see this happening!).

I request  fellow Bangaloreans to come together and fight against this

B.M Gopalkrishna
Ganganagar, bangalore

Life line under threat
This is with reference to ‘Life line under threat’ that appeared in DH dated 30MAY10.
Railway Board’s decision to stop running of trains during night across stronghold areas of the red region is disturbing. This action means sending wrong signals to the perpetrators and encouragement to the fellow Maoists. It may have brought some cheers and relief to the railway babus but are we not succumbing to the dare devil onslaught by the Maoists. It is high time the Govt deploys army to fight Maoists menace once & for all
Deepak Chikramane

CBSE’s grading system not appropriate
CBSE  results  have  just  been  announced  and the results seem to have spread more  displeasure  than  happiness  among  the  students .The reason for their discontent is the  new  grading  system.  For  example,  a  student  with  grade 8  is  bunched  with  all other  students  performing  between  71% to 80%  and  he  will  not  be  aware  whether he  just  scraped past  71%  or  achieved  79.99%.  Further,  the  new  grading   does  not  indicate  the  placement  of  the  student  with  respect  to  the  top  performers As  inculcating  healthy  competition  among  students  especially  at  this  age  group  is important,  CBSE should  issue  the  certificates  on  percentile  basis  as a rational move.

 R Sridhar

Time to review State government’s performance
Karnataka Chief Minister Mr Yediyurappa would be soon completing his second year term of office . However the performance of many of his minister's  has been dismal,. Majority of them are known for their dissidence, scandals and controversies .The most interesting part is, some of the first time legislators have directly become Cabinet Minister's (not even Minister's of state).Their lack of experience in legislature and Governance has resulted in poor performance It is high time that our Chief Minister and party leaders objectively review the performance and drop non performers and induct new members to enhance the image of the Government

N. Mukund

Road widening not the solution
I completely agree with A.B.S. Ramani’s views “Widening of roads is a futile exercise” (DH May 29th). Regardless of whether a road is made double, four or eight lane, traffic in Bangalore will continue to be a nightmare. Proper traffic management and strict enforcement of traffic rules is the only solution. As in other areas of Bangalore, Whitefield residents also faced great inconveniences, recently, when the main road was widened and the pavements and storm water drains were re-vamped. However, even before work on the pavements has been completed, notices have been received that this road is going to be further widened! Apparently there is a proposal to make the 25 kms. stretch from Vellara Junction, Richmond Road to Hope Farm Junction , Whitefield, a “Signal Free” stretch ! Imagine what will happen along Victoria Road, Domlur, Old Airport Road, Marathahalli and Whitefield! Are all the shops, commercial establishments and residences that come in the way of road widening going to be demolished?When was this proposal made? Was this decided overnight? If this proposal was on the cards for a while, then why was so much money spent on the previous, very recent, road widening? Is one wrong in assuming that someone made a bundle of money on the first contract before the recent BBMP elections, and now it is the turn of next guy?

Any answers, anyone?

Deepa Peck
Whitefield, Bangalore