Taking on new challenges

Taking on new challenges


Taking on new challenges

Previously known to portray a modern characters like an NRI girl living in the City, Meghana says she is very excited to be playing the female lead in Deadly 2.

Not only does she play a strong middle class girl in the film but also dons a traditional attire through out.  Speaking to Metrolife, she says, “It’s a very simple yet strong character. At a point, I was tired of playing the ‘modern girl’ roles. So when this came across, it was a refreshing change.” 

But it was no cakewalk for this actress as she had to change a whole lot of things. “I had to adapt to a whole new body language to suit the character and use no make up at all. I largely took inspiration from real life people. I observed the way they behaved and put in a bit of my own experience into the role. It was tough but I enjoyed every minute of it,” she explains.
Challenges are something Meghana looks forward to in every film she signs. “Though I have played only a modern girl so far, the role in each one has been different. If Venkata In Sankata saw me in a comic role, the recently-released Bengaloored saw me in a serious role.

That way, I have been lucky to have done a variety of roles in a short span of time,” she says. With Deadly 2 being a sequel to Deadly Soma, there’s no denying the comparisons that are bound to take place between the two. But Meghana insists there are no connections and that Deadly 2 is a whole new movie by itself.

Especially her role, which is said to have no relation to that of Rakshita who was in the first part. “All I can say is that this film takes things a step further,” says Meghana and adds, “What stood out in the first film was that it wasn’t a typical action flick and that’s what got me really excited in signing the second one.”

As for the cast and crew, Meghana says she had the time of her life working with them.
While Aditya, she says, was a really encouraging co-star, she really bonded well with Suhasini.

“I was thrilled to have worked with such talented people. I consider myself fortunate to have shared screen space with Suhasini ma’am and to know her,” she

As for the future, Meghana hopes to do another comedy and does not mind getting into
multi-lingual projects as well. “It would be fun to do a multi-lingual film. I am keeping my options open,” says the actress, who will soon be signing on another project.