SRM varsity faculties submit feasibility study on sea erosion

SRM varsity faculties submit feasibility study on sea erosion

The study was initiated by the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry as its corporate social responsibility project to commemorate the 70th anniversary.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Deeptha Thattai said no model study has been conducted so far to asses the impact of both the break waters in Mangalore and in its computational domain. No comprehensive study of the erosion problem taking into account all relevant factors have been made so far.

She said “the positive and negative lessons to be learnt from the Kovalam beach multi submerged reef can be utilised to take the right decisions on the Ullal project initiated by the Central government. Past experiences have shown that any hasty measures taken to protect the coast may lead to transferring the sea erosion to another area. Each problem has to be identified and studied comprehensively by observation, collection and analysis of data.”

The impact of sea walls built on the coast of Kerala to control sea erosion has not been studied yet. Unauthorised buildings and construction activities within CRZ limits should be prohibited.

Dr Thattai said neither hard solutions like constructing sea walls nor soft solutions like growing vegetations, removing constructions, reclaiming the beach will be able to reduce sea erosion by itself. Hard solutions can be taken up in vulnerable areas for a short period of time along with long term plans.

Stating that sand mining is being carried out legally and illegally, she said there is no estimate has been made as to the volume of sand being mined. Though sea walls have being built properly in some areas, in other areas they have not been laid to design. Boulders dumped during monsoon are being washed away by the wave, which result in the waste of resources.

Deputy Commissioner V Ponnuraj said “a comprehensive project to check sea erosion has been prepared and submitted to the government for approval.”

KCCI President Srinivas Kamath, former president Capt John Menezes were present.