Ansah fondly remembers stint in India

Ansah fondly remembers stint in India

Ansah, one of the finest goalkeepers Africa ever produced, ended his playing career with Goa’s I-League club Churchill Brothers, before taking up the coaching job with Ghana. A widely travelled goalkeeper who kept posts in several countries in Africa and Asia, Ansah, 47, joined the Churchill Brothers in the 2000-01 season and played for five years.

He fondly remembers his days in India and despite his hectic schedule with the Ghanaian team, Ansah has been following Indian football closely. “I feel the Indian team has done well under Bob Houghton,” Ansah said.

“But they haven’t come across any tough opponents till now. In the Asian Cup next year they are pitted against teams like Australia and South Korea. And both the teams, especially South Korea, are of high standards. India can only progress if they play regularly against such teams,” he says.

Asked if he was willing to work with India, Ansah said: “Oh, that would be great! But India have a good coach in Bob Houghton and my old friend Marcus Pacheco is the goalkeeping coach. My heart still beats for India.”

Ansah, who is working alongside Serbian coach Milan Rajevac, says working with Ghana’s national team has come as a big opportunity. “It was a great honour for me to be a part of the national team in the World Cup. It was also a privilege to working with Rajevac. I have learnt a lot from him and now I can look forward to more challenging assignments,” said Ansah.