Bangarpet roads are an embarrassment

Bangarpet roads are an embarrassment

Road length in the taluk is impressive but most of them are pitted, causing accidents and deaths

Bangarpet roads are an embarrassment

The taluk has gold mines and was the first to get electricity connection from Shivanasamudra. The Bangarpet-Betamangala-Mulbagal road is among the important roads built by British Commissioner Mark Cubbon (1834-61).

There are excellent roads connecting the taluk to Chennai, Kote, Hosur, Malur, Mulbagal, KGF and Kolar. There is also 78 km of State Highway passing through the taluk. Important district roads traverse 201 km, pacca roads 279 km and village roads 680 km. Thus, the total length of roads is 1,414 km.

Dreadful state

The roads connecting Hulibele-Masti, Kamasamudra-Toppanahalli, Kamasamudra-KGF, Ghattakamadenahalli-Avani-Mulbagal are in dreadful state.

Potholes cover every rural road. It is an adventure for bike-riders to travel on these roads. The list of riders who fell off the vehicles and injured themselves, or even killed themselves in some accident here is quite long.

Several roads in the taluk are one-way and all-season roads. The PWD and Technological Division of the Zilla Panchayat have failed in handling these roads properly. There have also been many cases of protest against the condition of the roads.

Meanwhile, several rural roads are being renovated under the Prime Minister’s Grama Sadak Yojana. The projects approved at the taluk level are undertaken quickly and the quality of the work is also satisfactory.

The Assistant Engineer of PWD, J Krishnamurthy has promised that more road development projects will be completed in the next two months.