The black 'n' white magic

Designers Abraham and Thakore say black and white, when worn together, works for anyone at any age
Last Updated 11 July 2010, 11:10 IST

This autumn, according to designers David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore, is all about making a strong statement in Indian silhouettes with the dominating colours being the combination of black and white. Even for their latest collection, the duo has designed contemporary versions of the salwar-kameez ensemble and reworked the chudidaar using the colour combination black and white. “These two classic neutral colours when worn together provide a strong graphic contrast that works for anyone at any age,” says David.

Moreover, the colours work wonders for those on the heavier side, say the designers. “Black works like magic on the slightly larger figure. But it needs to be used with more caution. Use black to flatter your weaker points and whites to highlight the strong. For example one can go in for a well cut black trousers that flatter the larger hipped,” suggests David.

The designs of course go beyond just the little black dress and the crisp white shirt. Rakesh says that its an incredibly versatile colour combination. While a bold black and white print for a dress or a contemporary silk saree with a bold patterns help make a strong statement in the night, a crisp white linen kurta with skinny black pants is ideal for the day time. “It’s such an easy colour combination that it is really difficult to go wrong with,” he adds.

The combination is not only popular with women but also with men. To give it a fashionable twist, David suggests guys to look at unusual ways of wearing black and white. “For instance, one can go in for a black shirt and jeans with white loafers. A white poplin jacket with a black tie teamed over a black and white pinstriped pants are the possible ways that can set one apart,” David suggests.

Like everything else, one has to keep the seasonal fabrics in mind. For this season, Rakesh suggests heavy cotton linen blends and silk, georgette and light wools. “There are also some new blends that combine silk and cotton, viscose and silk that have a good texture and drape,” Rakesh adds.

There are few things one must keep in mind while using these colours. The duo says that keeping the whites clean is a must as they tend to give a grubby look when not washed frequently. Plus getting the right tone of black is also important. “Black has many shades. From a greenish hue to a reddish one, so be careful while pairing more than one black piece together as the tones have to match,” they say.

So are there any cardinal sins when it come to using this combination? “This is a classic combination for waiters and waitresses in many restaurants now. So make sure one always wears the combination in a stylish and inventive way using unusual silhouettes and high quality fabrics, so that no one hails you to take their order,” says David.

What to look out for

-Keep your whites clean as it tends to look grubby
-Get the right tone of black while combining more than one black piece
-Go in for more contemporary designs
-Find interesting ways to team up the blacks and whites
-Use black to flatter your weaker points and whites to highlight the strong

‘Perfect for all seasons’

Vidya, a student, says that the classic colours black and white are perfect for any occasion. “They are like fashion essentials. They make you look very sharp and confident,” says Vidya. But she doesn’t believe that colours can do something to a person’s figure. “I don’t think they make you look fat or thin. But one surely cannot go wrong with this combination,” she says. So if Vidya prefers wearing a cool black and white kurti or a black jeans with a white top for the day, she equally enjoys teaming her black tee with a white and black polka skirt for the night.

(Published 11 July 2010, 11:10 IST)

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