Chand does another volte-face, back with Fiza

Mistake realised?

Chand does another volte-face, back with Fiza

“I have come here to say sorry to Fiza. Whether she forgives me or not depends on her,” Chand, accompanied by Fiza, told reporters at the latter’s residence.

“I want to live with her. I love her more than ever,” Chand said without batting an eyelid while adding that Fiza was his wife.

When asked about his divorce with Fiza and his statement that he had nothing to do with her any longer, Chand said: “The divorce sent through SMS was not valid.”

Looking resplendent in a red-colour salwar-kameez, Fiza, who looked cheerful, said she would think about the latest turn in their relationship. “Whatever my elders, especially my mother decides, I will obey them”, she said. However, she said she was convinced with Chand’s explanation that he was forced to leave her house by his family members.

When asked if he would stay with Fiza today, Chand, looking at Fiza, said: “I came as a guest to meet her and ask for forgiveness. If she asks me to stay over, I will stay.” Fiza smiled back.

The two had got married last year after remaining incommunicado for nearly two months.
After emerging from hibernation, Chander Mohan, the then deputy chief minister of Haryana, announced he had converted to Islam and adopted a new name, Chand Mohammed, to marry Anuradha Bali, a legal officer in the Haryana government, who had assumed the name, Fiza Mohammed. Chand was dismissed from the cabinet, and Fiza lost her job for remaining absent without intimation.

The honeymoon lasted barely a month when Chand disappeared from Fiza’s house and went abroad.

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