Wall controversy leads to lathi charge

Wall controversy leads to lathi charge

Police arrested 25 people in this regard. Additional Superintendent of Police M M Agadi who arrived on the spot brought the situation under control.

The tahsildar and City Municipal Council officials had decided to close the east and west gates of the stadium to maintain cleanliness and took up construction of a wall. However, the members of a dargah committee opposed it and an argument ensued between them and the officials.

However, things went of control and Assistant Commissioner Suresh Itnal arrived to hold talks with the members of dargah committee and Anjuman organisation.

Committee to be set up

Both stood their ground that a wall should not be constructed in the stadium.
Itnal said that a committee would be set up within ten days, headed by deputy commissioner, legislators and district senior officers to resolve the issue.

Four members nominated by the minority community will also be part of the committee. An appropriate decision will be taken after the  discussions, he added.
He appealed to the minority community to maintain peace until then.