From metal to wooden

From metal to wooden

New trend

From metal to wooden

Eco-friendly: Wooden bangles are in vogue these days.

Bangle is a piece of jewel that no girl can refuse. Available in stunning designs, made from different materials, they definitely pull our attention towards them. Wooden jewellery is a new trend that is fast catching up with the City’s young population. Though present in the culture from a very long period, it has become a fashion with women slowly shifting from metal to wooden jewellery. Metrolife takes a look into this new kind of jewellery trend and finds out what makes it so hot.

When compared to metal, wooden bangles are cheaper and you have a variety of designs to match with all kinds of dresses. “I love wooden bangles because they are eco-friendly, plus they also give a traditional look. Since I come from a traditional family, I can’t leave my hands empty. Junk jewellery does not suit my outfit,” says Chethana, a student of SBMJC.

Many like wooden bangles for the single reason that they don’t create any kind of sound that breaks your concentration. “Glass bangles are annoying because of the sound they produce but I have no such tensions while wearing wooden bangles,” says
Jayalakshmi P.

Also you can easily find the designs that you see in metal on wooden jewels too. “I love wooden bracelets because when I am getting late, I can grab one of the wooden bangles and immediately wear it,” says Sudha, a lecturer.

Women are often confused about what to wear and with so much variety available, many find these wooden bangles a relief, as they go with everything. Another reason that seems to increase their popularity is the low prices. “It is easily accessible and since it’s not that expensive, it does not hit my pocket. As a student, it is best to buy something that doesn’t make a hole in my pocket,” says Jayalakshmi P.

While most are all for this new trend, some still prefer metal bangles. “Why should I wear wooden bangles when there are many funky bracelets which suit the outfits and are trendy. I keep changing accessories and don’t stick to one traditional look,” says Madhu Shree, an IT professional.

So while at it, check out the new designs in wooden bangles to be fashionable as well as eco-friendly.