Getting his act together

Getting his act together

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Getting his act together

Kannada actor Vijay’s success as a stern police officer in Shankar IPS has lengthened his list of admirers. He now wants to focus on working on more meaty roles that would give him job satisfaction rather than popularity.

Vijay, who shot to stardom the hard way, feels it’s always better for an actor to work hard on developing his skills rather than waiting for the right opportunity to come his way. So, he is willing to play any role and experiment before he can be choosy.

Vijay has just completed shooting for Kari Chirathe, meaning black panther. Vijay desperately wants to shed the villain tag and choose characters that are substantial in form and content.

“It’s high time I got out of the predictable and explored the other side of me,” Vijay told Metrolife and added, “in Kari Chirathe I essay the role of a mentally retarded man. It’s been one of the toughest characters thus far.”

Vijay dons a very unique role in Veerabhahu. He plays a young lad who mans a graveyard. He takes care of the dead.

What would his emotions and feelings be like? And what happens when this young man falls in love? This is the crux of the story. “He manages the dead bodies and also buries the discarded ones. Soon, love blossoms and his feelings begin to change. He becomes more soft and sensitive,” says Vijay.

Vijay realises that whatever roles he has been getting thus far have been rather crude and harsh. “I am trying to do some family-oriented movies. If a good subject comes, I won’t think twice before I sign it,” he reasons.
And sure enough, a family subject has come his way, Kanteerava, a remake of Telugu film Simhadri. “I play a very decisive role in the movie. I am instrumental in bringing conflicting families together. There are moments when I cry with the families and there are happy times as well,” he explains.

Vijay has strong reservations when it comes to exploring the other language industries. “I am comfortable with Kannada industry for the moment. If I ever sign up for another language, it will be for a big role,” he wraps up.