'If I had some superpower'

'If I had some superpower'

Wishful Thinking

'If I had some superpower'

Apparition or teleportation power is seen in Harry Potter movies.

So what superpower would the people of Bangalore City want? Metrolife asked some young people and they came out with interesting answers.

With all the powers at their disposal, teleportation seemed to be quite popular. “I would like to just travel to places in a few moments,” says Divya, a student. Rajesh, an IT professional agrees. “I would like to travel through space and time,” he says. Does the City’s traffic have anything to do with the decision?

“Maybe and the airfare,” he says laughing. Time travel seems to be pretty popular too. “I would like to turn back in time,” says Jayanth, a student. “Like in the case of a time machine or something,” he adds.

Next on the list is ‘Invisibility’, which attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. “I would want to be invisible and maybe do some bad stuff,” says Viola, a student. Well, it is not surprising to see such a reaction. Not everyone uses their invisibility to defeat Mogambo and romance Sridevi.

On the other hand, some men seemed to be be more interested in increasing their strengths. “I would want super strengths like Batman,” says Angelo, a student. Shahid, his friend, agrees, “Yeah. I want something by which I could help the society.”

Well, while at it, there were people who suddenly remembered their Captain Planet days. “I would really like to control all of nature, somewhat like Storm in X-Men,” says Alan, a student. And what would the natural resources be used for? “Helping the planet,” he says. But while most people seem to find inspiration from good things, a few find the evil part more attractive.

“I would want to have powers that Magneto has and control all metals,” says Kanav, a student. Why not take Xavier’s powers instead and control everything on the planet. “No. I like Magneto more for some reason,” he says.

Harshid, a student of St Joseph’s College, on the other hand has some really devious plans for his powers. “I would want to read people’s minds,” he says. And if you think that people would use such powers more usefully, then you are wrong. “I would read minds of girls through my power,” he says laughing. Well, so much so for saving the planet.