A montage of talent

A montage of talent

Activities galore

A montage of talent

A Western dance.

Montage, the annual intra-collegiate fest of JNC, was a fun-filled affair. The three-day event, held last week, boasted of an array of activities involving dance, music, literature and art. The three days also saw the girls dressing up according to various themes such as Back To Childhood, Retro and FIFA.

The first day was the Freshie Queen competition, which had many enthusiastic girls from first PUC taking part. “Out of the 150 applicants, we had to shortlist 16 girls. So we subjected them to various stress interviews and tested their ability to handle pressure,” explained Leah, the president of the PU union of the college. There were different rounds like introduction, talent, prop and question and answer rounds. The participants even had to dress up as superheroes and display their creative side.

In the end, Shruti emerged as the Freshie Queen while Reeba was declared as the Freshie Princess. For those who weren’t taking part in the Freshie Queen, the theme for the day was ‘Back To Childhood’. So most girls dressed up in frocks and skirts with two plaits on the day.

The second day was extremely colourful with the theme being FIFA. So one saw these girls donning jerseys of various popular footballers like Messi, Ronaldo and Rooney. Some even had their faces painting in colours matching their jerseys. The stage events for the day were quite interesting like the Western dance competition and mad ads. The Western dance competition was more about street dance and had the girls groove to catchy numbers like Sean Paul’s Temperature and Shakira’s Waka Waka. There was a rangoli competition as well as the girls added more colour to the campus with their colourful rangolis. “Elephant signifies Indianness and lotus is our national flower. That’s why we used both these figures in our rangoli,” explained Divya, Madhupriya and Priyanka, one of the participating teams.

The third and final day had musical competitions like Indian music, Western acoustic, mehendi, mock rock, flower arrangement and dumb charades to name a few. All these events were thoroughly enjoyed by one and all. With an aim to unearth talent in various fields within the college itself, Montage surely seemed to have served its purpose.