Rekindling the spirit of patriotism

Rekindling the spirit of patriotism

The highly sprited words of Bhatra in the interview, which was shot two days prior to his death at Kargil, was instilling patriotic feelings in children.  

It was a Kargil Victory Day programme organised in a novel way by the Centre for Integrated Learning (CIL) at the Canara High School (Main) here on Monday. Speaking as a resource person, CIL Convener Nandagopal said that kindling the spirit of patriotism and creating awareness on the significance of Indian armed forces among children are the major objectives of organising the programme.

“Nowadays in the rat race for medical and engineering entrance, parents and students hardly get time to think of patriotism. We should remember that we are able to sleep comfortably without any fear because of the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers. Those brave soldiers believe in the theory that their families are safe, only if the nation is safe,” he said. People should introspect as to how far patriotic they are and also remember those martyrs, who sacrificed their life for the nation, he added.

Subedar Jogendar Singh, who participated in the Kargil war, said that the Indian armed forces opens its doors to talents in all fields. Narrating his experience in the Kargil war, he called upon children to join the defence and serve for the nation.

Creating Resource to Empower Society Today (CREST), a students action movement, was inaugurated by the NCC Mangalore Group Commander Col Dinesh P Naikawle, who also had participated in the Kargil war.