Suspicion drives man to kill wife

Police said Shekar (28), a real estate agent and driver murdered his wife Navya (22) at his Ramakrishna Layout, Malagala Main Road. Within minutes after the crime, he surrendered to the police and confessed to the murder.

He also handed over to police, a 'coconut scraper', the weapon used in the crime. Navya is Shekar’s second wife and his first wife is living in Kengeri. The couple had a three-year-old daughter.

Constant fights
The police said, Shekar doubted his wife’s character. For the last few months, they were constantly involved in fights as Shekar questioned Navya’s every movement.
On the ill-fated day, when Navya didn’t  answer his questions, Shekar lost his cool and attacked her with the coconut scraper, killing her.
DH News Service

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