Ijjodu questions tradition: Sathyu

Speaking on the occasion, he said the film “Ijjodu” is a collage. The main thing was to pose challenge to tradition with something that is modern. The film contains many things that questions tradition. A happy ending would not have permitted questions, he said.

Slight deviations in the movie that juxtapositions reality and unreality have been deliberately done. Minimum dialogues are used to enhance aesthetic value of the film. Visuals are used to convey more powerful messages. The film revolves around a real life experience, Sathyu added.

MIC Honorary Director Dr M V Kamath opined the film is a personal challenge to all of us. The film is not just a film, rather it is a presentation.  Everyone should be responsible to society and should be aware of social conditions. Social reformers are the need of hour to struggle against evil social customs practiced even to this day in many parts of the country, he added.

Lauding the film “Ijjodu” for its aesthetic values, MIC Director Prof Vardesh Hiregange said Ijjodu is one of the good Kannada movies in the recent years. Kannada film industry was facing dearth and paucity of good films. The film stands for its ideologies, he added. Actor Aniruddh, Lyricist Sudheer Attavar and other were present.

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