Isaac wants window for IPL in FTP

Isaac, who replaced former Australian Prime Minister John Howard as Australia and New Zealand's joint candidate for the post, said it was important to acknowledge IPL's influence on the international calendar. "The Future Tours Program has to allow the IPL, because unless it is accommodated we will end up with more challenges," Isaac told the 'Sydney Morning Herald'.

"There will be more pressure put around the scheduling of ICC events (such as World Cups and the Champions Trophy), and those ICC events are so critical to members because of the revenue generated. "It has to be worked into the Future Tours Program because there is a demand and an interest. The players seem to like it, and there is more money coming into the game. The sub-committee work is being done on that basis (that the IPL will be part of the FTP)," he added.

Isaac's nomination would have to be ratified by the ICC's executive committee before he takes over. Once appointed, Isaac said he would look to improve the ICC's image but rejected suggestions that financial powerhouse India acted like a bully. "I think one of the most important things is that we work to enhance the reputation of the ICC," Isaac said.

"The media are quite critical of it, sometimes justifiably, and lots of decisions it makes get criticised. Each member around the table has got their own issues and agendas, I understand that, it is about leading everyone in a common direction. "There is no doubt (India) are powerful, that is a matter of fact. When the ICC sells its commercial rights a lot of that comes from India, that is the commercial reality and we have got to recognise that. The Indian officials I have dealt with in my 20 months at the ICC have been really good to work with, there are no issues at all," he added.

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